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Carpal Tunnel And Wrist Pain 


Carpal Tunnel Pain arises from swelling and pressure on the nerves

in the wrist, the Medial Nerve becomes inflamed..  Often leading to pain,

numbness, weakness, and in some cases, muscle and nerve damage

in the hand and fingers. Some people complain of pain in their shoulder also. 


The number one cause for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is repetitive hand motion

such as playing sports, writing or typing on a computer.  Some report the way we

sleep plays a factor too.


Being a painter for thirty years I have acquired the “pain in the wrist.” 

I use Real Time Pain relief a couple of times a week and I am pain-free.


For people with the syndrome treatments include wearing a splint on the wrist, magnets and copper bracelets, using ergonomic household items, taking medications and or supplements.  Many of these oral medications have dangerous side effects.  


Many opt for surgery.  Over 500,000 people in the US undergo surgery for carpal tunnel syndrome


Some surgeries are successful and at other times it is not.  The success rate runs from 70 to 90% of people show relief from nighttime pain.



Ergonomics is the science of equipment design.  Ways to create fewer traumas to our bodies by designing better tools.  Like using an electric can opener and not a manual one. They are always trying to design a better mouse.




Carpal Tunnel Syndrome  arises from swelling and pressure on the nerves in the wrist.!carpal-tunnel-and-wrist-pain-/c1n2x

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