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Cranberries are one of my favorites. They have been since I was a child

and my grandmother would make them.


Cranberries are loaded with flavonoids. Flavonoids are an anti-oxidant and                                                   known for the color they give fruits and vegetables like the blue of the blueberry                                                    and the red of the raspberry. This anti-oxidant is also high in black tea.                                                         Vitamin C is in this family of anti-oxidants.


You'll find the juice in my refrigerator all the time. Seems it would be my 

drink of choice. When I really want a treat cranberry juice and chocolate ice cream is a delight.                        My grandmother started me on this.  I suppose you would call it a cranberry and chocolate ice cream shake.


Cranberries are harvested from mid-September and into November.

They are native to North America and it is believed Native Americans served them to starving English colonists. Likely they were on the first Thanksgiving table. Native Americans used them as food, medicine,  and a dye.


I enjoy them fresh. Using the recipe on the bag but there is a cup of sugar added. Cranberries our a little tart so most of the calories we acquire come from the sugar we add. The berry is very low in sugars.                        I found a recipe to take the sugar out without using artificial sweeteners. You sweeten the berries with pineapple. *Find the recipe below.


I did see an idea for the canned stuff where you slice it, breaded it with cornflakes, and deep fry it. Not bad,      I tried it once.


I have been known to spread them on toast in the morning with my coffee. I usually put a little cream in my coffee, but with that cranberries I think it's best with black coffee

I even add a few tablespoons to my stuffing.

Cranberries do well in the freezer so buy a few bags when they're in season.


Are they healthy? You bet!

A source of fiber, vitamins and minerals, anti-oxidants, low in saturated fat, cholesterol and sodium.

Cranberries are near the top of the list when it comes to fruits high in vitamin C.

Anti-oxidants help fight free radicals that cause disease. 

Cranberries  A Huge Favorite.!craving-cranberries/c1hja

Craving Cranberries

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