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Magnets And Pain


I became acquainted with a gentleman at the South Bend Farmers Market

who deals in magnets for pain.


It would seem he does well selling them.  The biggest selling point

he has is a magnet wand or pen.  He takes the pen and in a circular waves

it around a point on your body. I have no idea how powerful this magnet is

but you can feel the power.  Waving the thing around my wrist my fingers

tingled for a few minutes.


I do have carpal tunnel but because of RTPR I was not experiencing pain at that time. 

I was a little impressed at power of the thing but can’t say if there was a pain relieving

property to it.  This leads me to believe many people may also be impressed by this effect

and make a purchase.   The bracelets are nice looking but I would think the magnets contained

on them are not near as powerful as the pen.


That is the biggest selling point.  Nice looking and the pen makes your fingers tingle. 

I have seen people already wearing one and buying a second and even a third.  What is it “more is better?”


I do have a friend, and client, who had a problem with his thumb.  Computer and mouse

related the repetitive motion thing.  He tried the copper bracelet.  I even wore it for a while

after he gave up on that.  Then he tried a magnet.  Jason could never pin pointed if it was helping

or not.  After about a month, becoming tired of wearing it, he stopped.  It’s likely in his junk drawer

somewhere along with the copper one.


Most of these bracelets are made in China.  When purchased in bulk the cost is $3 a piece. 

I see them being sold for $25 to $30.  Nice mark-up.  I’m not sure if diamonds have that mark-up.


I do believe this person makes his bracelets himself.


If you use a laptop computer be careful wearing magnets.  They will damage your computer. 

Keep the magnet away from your debit and credit cards. They will erase the magnetic strip.


There is some evidence Magnets can increase Blood Flow and ease Muscle Spasms.

Take to heart we are not suggesting you don’t try this alliterative.  We support any method that may

give relief from pain.  If this helps why not use it.


Do Magnets Really Work?


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