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 Have you wondered why?


The United States used to import the nut from Iran.  The producers there would let them

fall from the tree and dry on the ground.  This would discolor the husk with

little dark spots so they died them red to hide the discoloration. 


Because of a gentleman named William Whitehouse, who worked for The U.S. Department

of Agriculture, Pistachios have taken off in the U.S. 

The U.S.A. has become the second largest producer after Iran.


Mr. Whitehouse entered Iran in 1929 at risk of life and limb and brought the nut to America. 

He worked on the plant for 20 years developing the nut into one of the most popular

varieties we see today. 

It’s not really a nut, it’s a Drupe. The peach is in this family.


Today, farmers in California have automated the picking and drying process so

there is no need to dry them on the ground.  They don't touch the ground any more.

This is why pistachios are read anymore.


Pistachios are high in fiber, vitamins, and minerals. Studies have found they do well on

cholesterol levels, lowering the bad and raising the good.

Without the salt they are a great snack for those with heart and blood pressure issues. 

They also seen to fool your stomach into eating less when enjoyed as an appetizer.


The Rodale Press is one of my favorite publishers.  I love their books and information

they provide.  Here are five heart healthy recipes from them using Pistachios.  


Pistachios are one of my fovorite nuts and I enjoy them often.

I do the work, I buy them in the shell.


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