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True Cinnamon


Cinnamon can be found in most of our spice racks.  If it's really Cinnamon is the question.


Cinnamomum Verum (true Cinnamon) is the real stuff.  It's said most Americans have only

tasted its cousin, Cinnamomum Cassia.  It is cheaper so many companies use this as a

substitute. Reading the packaging is a must. 

If you buy the bark strips and grate your own, it's easy to tell.  If it's real the pieces curl

from both ends not just one continuous curl from one end.

You can also find cinnamon as a supplement in a capsule.


So many sweet desserts call for the flavor, rolls, cobblers’, oatmeal, coffee cakes. pumpkin pie, baked apples or any fruit, coffee and tea, candy and gum,  breath mints,  sprinkled on toast with sugar. There are so many I could fill the page.  My grandmother would take her left over pie crust and sprinkle it with the spice and sugar, then bake it.  A tasty treat when I was a child.


There are also savory dishes that benefit from the spice, Squash, Beef, Pork, Lamb, and Chicken.  

Try adding a little to your barbecue sauce. 

I recall the first time having beef stew where it was added. Different.


Therapeutically, cinnamon is a good source of manganese, dietary fiber, iron, and calcium. 

High in antioxidants, it can increase energy and vitality levels, and improve blood circulation

Diabetics can benefit from its ability to promote sugar metabolism.

It’s said to help the common cold, arthritis and digestive problems, even head lice.


Cinnamon mixed with honey is considered to have a high anti-inflammatory effect.

I use cinnamon and honey on my oatmeal and cereal because it’s a lot healthier for you than sugar.


Just the aroma has a positive effect, Aroma Therapy.  Especially in winter when the house gets dry I'll boil some water to steam the place up.  Adding a stick to the pot, the house smells so good.


Like anything you can overdo it. It is possible to overdose on the spice.  Not a bad idea to ask your doctor of pharmacist about it.


Search YouTube for the cinnamon challenge, very funny stuff.


I think this one is the funniest! She uses a big spoon.

True Cinnamon, Cinnamomum Verum.!true-cinnamon/c1246

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