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The Brandywine Tomato


Second, if not first, on my list of summer favorites. Home grown tomatoes are

one of the planets greatest gifts. The store-bought cost too much and

taste like nothing.


My experience with growing tomatoes has led me to a heirloom variety

called the Brandywine Tomato.

They are so sweet and just right between meaty and juicy and just perfect

for a hamburger off the grill and any sandwich for that matter. I cut them

in half and pop them on the grill too.

Great in salads and you can have a great sauce by canning them.


Because they’re heirloom tomatoes you need to give a little more attention to them. Heirloom means an older variety of plant. Some debate goes on about just how far back this definition goes.

I lean towards the 100 year idea. They are not part of commercial cultivation and have not been genetically altered. I do see them in farmers markets now and then or at a roadside stand. You have to give an arm and a leg for them, so growing them in the garden or on the porch is the way to go. A little more prone to disease, you have to take care.


Brandywines are so good I haven’t grown anything else for years. I can them so out of season I still have that home grown flavor. Just adding a little garlic and onion I have the makings for a great sauce, Chili or Italian and Salsa too.


It is always fun canning in August. The house becomes so hot and humid with cooking down the tomatoes and boiling all that water, but it sure smells good.


Gaining In Popularity

More and more people are talking about Brandywines on the internet the last few years. Some have trouble with them but here in my yard they do great. I have good soil and I move them around every year. If you have the wherefore all to save the seeds and start you own plants they grow fond of your location and grow better as time goes by.


If you plan on moving your tomato plants to a different spot, plant mint in that spot the year before. There's something about the mint plant that improves your tomatoe plant.


Try them, you’ll be hooked.


My favorite tomato salad:

  1. Tomato cut into wedges

  2. Italian Dressing

  3. Parmesan Cheese

  4. Sweet Onion

  5. Cucumber

  6. Garlic

Add wherever you enjoy.

I find that the juice from this tomato salad works great on a leafy salad.



Combine all the parts and cover with the dressing then let marinade in the refrigerator overnight. Warning: As soon as you set this tomato salad on the table it will be gone!


The Brandywine Tomato is a great tomato to grow in the garden.!the-brandywine-tomato/c15u3

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