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Take The Stairs

Elevators and Escalators are the norm these days.

Stairs? When was the last time you opted to walk the stairs?


I would take a guess and say the most famous stairway is in Philadelphia

at the east entrance of the Philadelphia Museum of Art

The “Rocky” movie of course. 

There are 72 steps found on this stairway. Thousands of people visit the steps

each year just to do what Rocky did. Run up the steps and raise their arms in


Hopefully they go inside and visit the museum too.


I found this video on YouTube from Odenplan Station in Stockholm Sweden

They noticed people were ignoring the stairway and only taking the escalator. 

Engineers put together a plan to get people to use them.  Now the escalator

is being ignored.    

100s of people run these stairs.

Exercise companies have certainly jumped on the bandwagon.  A day doesn’t go by that  don’t see an ad for some sort of stair stepper on TV.   

Every gym and fitness facility has them available to their clients.


Walking is a great low impact form of exercise and adding a few steps up the stairs can burn a few more calories and increase blood flow.

Walking, running and bicycling are all weight-bearing forms of exercise. The impact of walking is much lower and adding a leisurely walk up the steps can have its benefits.

Add the stairs the next time you have that option. Over time your choice will make a difference in your well-being.


Walking can benefit all of us, how about putting you in a better mood for starters. 

Lowering you blood pressure and at the same time increasing blood flow. Strengthening muscles in your back and legs. Even your bottom will firm and tone.

Because walking is weight-bearing it adds to the strengthening of your bones and the health of joints, plus lowering the risk of blood clots.


Take The Stairs!


    6 Low-Impact Exercises as You Age from WebMD

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