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Substance P (SP) Is An Important Element In Pain Perception.


Researchers have tried to decide how to stop pain by blocking

the release of Substance P  ever since its discovery in 1931. 

To explain a little about SP  is a neurotransmitter.  It’s a chemical,

produced in your body that travels from the site of an injury to your brain

and says "that hurts!"  A small scratch will release a small amount.  

You stub your toe, a greater amount and a broken arm even a larger amount.


Researchers, Physicians, and the Pharmaceutical Companies have used powerful drugs to dampen the communication along the neuro-pathways.  This is the means in which the body sends information to the brain.
These oral medications are classified as an NSAIDs,  Non-Steroidal Anti Inflammatory Drugs.  There are prescriptions and over the counter medications made available to the consumer.


The FDA, in recent years, has lowered some of their dosage recommendations and taken others NASIDs  off the market.   Several warnings about their use for pain relief have been issued.


As we use these oral pain medications the neuro-pathways are closed off and Substance P doesn’t reach the brain.   What’s interesting is, as we block the neurotransmitters, our bodies gets smarter and produces more SP.   As the drug wears off, and the pathways are reopened, there’s an increase of SP released and sent to the brain telling you how bad it hurts.   This is why, over time, you have to take more and more oral pain medications to achieve the same results.   In other words you build up a tolerance and actually perpetuate a cycle of pain.


Can SP levels be reduced in the body?

Look at humble chili pepper or one of its components.  The capsicum family of plants, of which the chili pepper is a member, contains the component capsaicin.  Used as a topical application it is well-known as a pain reliever and for reducing SP levels.


By using the pain-relieving power of the capsicum family, you are doing yourself two really big favors.   You relieve your pain and you reduce the amount of SP in your body.   Experiencing absolutely none of the adverse side effects reported from oral pain medication.  A topical lotion that delivers relief right to the location of pain and is not ingested to travel through the entire body.


If you have chronic pain and have taken oral pain medications it has taken time to build up the high levels of SP.   It will take time to start bringing those levels down.   As much as four weeks.   Because of the SP reducing qualities of the capsicum family of plants, you’re likely to need fewer applications the longer you use it because you’ll have less and less Substance P and pain.





Substance P (SP) Is An Important Element In Pain Perception.!substance-p-sp/c1g2q

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